A man keeps an alligator at home, but the creature behaves like a cat and asks to be stroked
65-year-old Joey Henney felt lonely for a long time and therefore decided to get
The dolphin swims up to the diver at a depth, pushes him with his nose and asks for help to remove the fishing line
Divers with an experienced instructor were making a night dive when a dolphin swam
Meet these beauties of the wild nature four adorable ligers cubs of white lion and white tiger
Ligers, who are the cubs of a lion and a tiger, set a record
A woman bought an old garage and in just a year turned it into a house of 126 square meters
120 years ago, Mark Twain advised investing all the money in the land, because
A German Shepherd surprisingly managed to tread water for at least 11 hours rescuing his owner’s life
The heroic action of a brave German Shepherd surprised everyone in Brisbane. Due to
Son surprises his biological mom at a marathon 35 years after he was put up for adoption
There are situations in life when people have to part. But sometimes the story has
Adorable mother leopard teaches one of her confused cubs how to cross the road in South Africa
A traffic jam doesn’t make anyone happy, especially when you are in a hurry.
Three wrestlers together decided to compare their strength with a lioness: see what happened next
In the legends of almost any nation, there is a mention of a hero
Kameroun Mares finally found her lost dog Semper Fidelis after two years of nonstop searching
Kameroun Mares finally found her lost dog Semper Fidelis after two years of nonstop
A stray dog pit bull Daya after losing her babies found comfort in taking care of an orphaned puppy named Raisin
Two unhappy stray dogs overcame their difficulties encountered in their lives in founding consolation