Mama deer appeared at her family’s front door to show her babies to her best friend dog
Friendship between different species is amazing. This time it is a special relationship, which
Rejected by his herd sick baby elephant found comfort and high spirit in former service dog 
Elephants are known for their high intellect. They are also highly social animals, who
A stray dog pit bull Daya after losing her babies found comfort in taking care of an orphaned puppy named Raisin
Two unhappy stray dogs overcame their difficulties encountered in their lives in founding consolation
Adorable mother leopard teaches one of her confused cubs how to cross the road in South Africa
A traffic jam doesn’t make anyone happy, especially when you are in a hurry.
A stray dog named Spike showed a heartbreaking loyalty by chasing an ambulance to be with his homeless owner’s side
The camera caught a little dog running after the ambulance, desperately attempting to be
Pigeon Herman who can’t fly and chihuahua dog Lundy who can’t walk loved each other at first sight and are now good friends
Unusual relationships between two different species are not just about struggling for survival. Amazing
Kind ostrich helped an orphaned elephant by comforting him and they became best friends at animal sanctuary
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A German Shepherd surprisingly managed to tread water for at least 11 hours rescuing his owner’s life
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Hero stray cat saved an abandoned baby’s life from freezing to death warming him with her body
Animal world never cease to amaze people with their heroic actions. Especially the maternal
Mountain lion relieved from 20 years of forced circus servitude eventually can enjoy the smell of freedom
It is so heartbreaking to hear any cruelty towards animals. It’s unfair to behave