Man brings stray dog to a pet shop and buys him everything he touches with his nose
The dog did not get to live in a house with his beloved owners,
Stray cat in search of food made its way to the zoo and made friends with a lynx
Is friendship between wild and domestic animals possible? Practice shows that yes. In addition,
Cat saves the owner from a snake, that climbed through the door and hid in shopping bags
Ricky Owens returned home from the store and put all the groceries next to
During vacation, the young boys rescue a newborn beluga whale washed up on the riverbank in Canada
During family vacation on the St. Lawrence River in Canada, teenagers saw a newborn
Talented photographer captured a rare scene of a pod of ten 40 ft sperm whales sleeping vertically
Do sperm whales sleep? And if so, how? For all the simplicity of this
Lovable dog Bruno who runs 4 miles every day to greet town residents becomes local legend
Dogs are the humans’  best friends. They are very kind creatures and have a
Pigeon who can’t fly and chihuahua who can’t walk loved each other and are now good friends
Unusual relationships between two different species are not just about struggling for survival. Amazing
A unique shot was published: a weasel cub, riding on a woodpecker, soar high in the sky
What you will see now is not a drawing – a figment of human
Abandoned stray puppy chasing police officer down the street hanging on his feet asks to adopt him
Police officers swear to protect and save not only the humanity, but they feel
Dog abandoned by her owners in a park was adopted by the police officer who rescued her
A starving and abandoned girl, a cross of a pit bull, lay peacefully in