Hero stray cat saved an abandoned baby’s life from freezing to death warming him with her body
Animal world never cease to amaze people with their heroic actions. Especially the maternal
Mountain lion relieved from 20 years of forced circus servitude eventually can enjoy the smell of freedom
It is so heartbreaking to hear any cruelty towards animals. It’s unfair to behave
The home footage shows how the caring dog Spanky is dragging his own bed to his sick companion to make him feel comfortable
Dogs are not only kind and friendly creatures, but also very  gentle and caring
Meet these beauties of the wild nature four adorable ligers cubs of white lion and white tiger
Ligers, who are the cubs of a lion and a tiger, set a record
Teenage girl finds dying of starvation horse on her route and walks with the horse 9 miles back home
This is a very touching story about a brave and kind girl and a
A wrinkled sand-colored Shar Pei dog became adoptive mother for two Siberian tiger cubs rejected by their mother
Maternal instinct is a powerful thing, which is vividly expressed especially among our best
Touching moment selfless and kind dog comforts a sick baby deer found on his human’s ranch
The ability to take care of those in need of help is typical exactly
Kameroun Mares finally found his lost dog Semper Fidelis after two years of nonstop searching
Kameroun Mares finally found his lost dog Semper Fidelis after two years of nonstop
The loving look of an adorable newborn baby koala who sees its mother for the first time
The affection and enormous love between a mother and her child is the most
A stray dog named Spike showed a heartbreaking loyalty by chasing an ambulance to be with his homeless owner’s side
The camera caught a little dog running after the ambulance, desperately attempting to be