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90-year-old woodcutter builds his own Hobbit house where he lives in a charming comfort: see inside
This man loves Tolkien’s Hobbit books. After retiring, he came up with the idea to convert a cellar
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60-year-old woman was afraid her husband would leave her and decided to transform beyond recognition
Mary Johnson had a pretty tough year, so she decided to do something to make herself feel better.
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Best gift: 11-year-old boy bursts into tears after learning he was adopted on Christmas Day
11-year-old Carter received the most important gift for him this Christmas – his relatives announced
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Talent show judge thinks woman is too old for chosen song but she proves otherwise
Jenny Darren, 68, who recently retired, has been a music lover all her life, and listened not just to
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Man on a boat takes selfie video and gets photobombed by an affectionate baby seal
Recently, a man decided to go boating for a while. At some point, he stopped and, not expecting any catch
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Boy with autism sings Michael Jackson’s classic and bursts into tears because of the judges’ reaction
There are many talent shows that boast a wide variety of performances. Some of them are quite capable
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60-year-old janitor who walks miles to work falls to his knees after colleagues do something incredible
The janitor’s name is Robert Reid, and he is 60 years old. It took less than four months for him
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16 years later: what the laughing quadruplets from a funny viral video look like today
It has been many years since this video that has gone viral was posted online. This video infected everyone
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After a visit to the beauty salon, this woman became unrecognizable: her husband couldn’t hold back tears
How often do you get the opportunity to do something exclusively for yourself? For many women, going
Lovable dog Bruno who runs 4 miles every day to greet town residents becomes local legend
Dogs are the humans’  best friends. They are very kind creatures and have a big heart for everyone.