Fox named Rambo has been hiding from people for three years, interfering with the relocation of other animals
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Beautiful retriever with a rare mutation born with a distinctive black mark on his face wins the hearts of netizens
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The diver stroked the Port Jackson shark and now she swims up to him for a hug every time she sees him
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A stray dog gets his favorite purple unicorn toy bought for him after he stole it from the children’s store five times
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The dog lived on the street and now has almost half a million followers: the story of a food blogger dog
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The caring owl became a mother for a lost duckling, mistaking a duck egg for her own
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Amazing nurse cat from a Polish animal shelter takes care of other animals and helps them recover from surgeries
In the Polish city of Bydgoszcz, there is just an ordinary animal shelter, where brave and compassionate
A teenage gorilla baby sitter called Ubukombe is always ready to help so that the young mothers could rest
Gorillas have a very strong nepotism. Childless females often provide babysitting services to mothers
A San Diego detective with a prosthetic leg adopts a rescue dog who lost her back paws and they share the same feelings
San Diego detective Chappy Hunter lost his left leg in a 2013 car accident. He continues to work, but
A pregnant woman saves a stray pregnant cat, they become the cutest pregnancy buddies and give birth on the same day
Lauren Maners has spent her entire life helping stray animals with treatment and finding new owners.