Bike gang hunts down dog fight rings and saves hundreds of helpless animals from abusers
It is said that representatives of various subcultures, for example, metalheads or bikers, are
Young man spots 5 muddy puppies at the bottom of a well and jumps in to save them
The guy was riding his bike to work when he heard a strange, high-pitched
Man saves two lion cubs and 7 years after returns to meet them again, watch the emotional reunion below
There is a huge emotional connection between a person and an animal that he
Watch two giant pandas enjoy an iced cake to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Zoo
Various ingredients were used to make this masterpiece cake. Basically what pandas love: carrots,
The owner thought her kitten was sick until she grew up: it turned out that this is not an ordinary cat
Cats come in a wide variety of sorts and breeds, you can’t remember them
You will be amazed to see a miracle of nature named Rani – the smallest cow in the world
The cow Rani from Bangladesh is so small that her owners have applied for
Tiny Chihuahua waits all day for the most important person in her life – and it’s not even the owner
Little Franny’s whole day is devoted to tense waiting. She is waiting for a
An extremely rare foal was born to a horse and you will be amazed when you watch the video here
Natives of Melbourne, Florida, Scott and Jackie Nelson are breeding horses. Their piebald horses
Brave and kindhearted lioness finds an injured baby fox and saves him from being eaten by a hungry lion
In one of the National Parks in Botswana, an incident occurred that made people
A unique shot was published on the Internet – a weasel cub, riding on a woodpecker, soar high in the sky
What you will see now is not a drawing – a figment of human