Brave and caring dog risking his own life saved four newborn kittens from  fire in Australia
The assumption that cats and dogs don’t get along with each other is often not true. There are
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Touching moment majestic lions’ joyful reaction when they reunite with their adoptive mother
When people want to keep a pet at home, they mostly choose a dog or a cat, but rarely can you find someone
Meet adorable mustached cat Gringo who with his unique face stole everyone’s hearts on the social media pages
Have you ever seen a cat with a unique face, as this beautiful cat, who has such a defined and perfect mustache?
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Elephant herd run joyfully to greet a rescued and orphaned elephant baby at the refuge
Elephants are very loving animals with high intellect and good memory. Though giant, but they are very
A moose has struck up a really unusual friendship with her savior and keeps visiting him every single day
Erikas Plucas, who lives in Lithuania, one beautiful day noticed a living creature laid down nearby his
Puma Messy rescued from a Zoo lives as a spoiled house cat  with his beloved young owners 
Aleksandr and Mariya from Penza, share their small apartment with a huge puma, named Messi.
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Touching moment a senior woman reunites with her beloved cat who has been missing for about four years
Surely, the pets are so precious for many owners. They mean almost everything for them, who are their
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Tiny French Bulldog is excited to meet and play with NYPD Police Horse on Wall Street
It’s so amazing to encounter two absolutely different species of animal world interacting with
The 49-year-old kind veterinarian  Dr. Stewart walks on California streets  to help homeless peoples’ animals free of charge
Kindness will save our planet. As long as there are kind people and kind actions, we can have hope that