Meet  the ginger seal who became an outcast in his colony for his unusual looks
An exceptionally rare creature with red fur was spotted off the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in Russia.
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Two-year-old Cali, an Alapaha blue blood bulldog, gives birth to a litter of 20 puppies
The labor of two-year-old Cali has become a real quest for her owners. The dog was expected to have six
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Male tiger has been taking care of four cubs after their mother died following a prolonged illness
According to the forestry department of Madhya Pradesh, the mother of four cubs died in mid-May.
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A cat has been reunited with his owners in Swansea after going missing for eight years.
Mo, a three-year-old cat, went missing in 2012 after he escaped from a cat shelter where the owners placed
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After 4 years of living on the streets, pit bull Gucci is reunited with her family
When Jodi Chamlee rescued Gucci and took her home, she promised the dog that she would never suffer again
Endangered tortoise named Nigrita becomes a mom for the first time at 80 years old
An 80-year-old tortoise named Nigrita lives at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland. More than 8 months ago
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Meet Danniel: he weighs 2300 pounds and is the tallest cow in the world.
Farmers Ken and Ann Farley inherited this incredible creature from a distant relative. They spoiled him
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A stray dog hangs around the car dealership, so they made him their “sales dog” and mascot
At Prime Hyundai’s Brazilian dealership, employees have hired a stray dog. He wandered around the
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Dog missing for 8 years instantly recognizes his owner in emotional reunion
It all started in 2012 when Stevie Rodger left his two dogs, Kavik and Konan, in the yard while he went
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After her puppy died from a cleft lip, the woman sets out to help other such animals
In 1996, a kind woman named Jody adopted an unusual pet, a one-month-old puppy named Bosley, who was