“Never at the same time”: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reveal the rule they have always imposed on themselves
A couple for many years, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds seem to have found the recipe for happiness to
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Katie Holmes surprises in exposed bra and piercing in front of Mélanie Laurent in New York
New York Fashion Week, fall/winter 2024, takes place from February 9 to 14. Michael Kors unveiled his
Beyonce announces that she suffers from an inflammatory disease: “My father used to put oil on my scalp…”
Icon of femininity and glamour, Beyoncé revealed to journalists from “Essence” magazine that
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You can’t hide the genes: A woman found out about her husband’s infidelity when her best friend was born
One look at the child was enough to suspect that the husband was involved in his birth. The 28-year-old
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My new daughter-in-law refused to name our grandson after his grandfather, citing the reason
My son is 43 years old. He divorced his first wife to marry a younger woman. I didn’t lecture him. He’
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This Is Me… Now: Is A Love Story with Jennifer Lopez really inspired by her story?
A sort of mirror to her 2002 album entitled This is me… Then, where she already talked about her
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Pamela Anderson gave up Botox four years ago: ‘I feel sexier today’
At 56, Pamela Anderson seems to have decided to give up artifice. During several events in recent months
Macaulay Culkin, 42 years old, pleased his fans by improving his appearance: today he is a model for Gucci
The famous American actor Macaulay Culkin, star of the Christmas comedy Home Alone, is exfiltrating.
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Parents oppose abortion of ‘malformed’ baby: Look how the baby lives now
Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling for a couple than the birth of a little miracle that will brighten
The woman gave birth to quadruplets, a copy of each other: what girls look like after 14 years
Multiple births are not very typical. Statistics show that the chance of having twins is only 2%.