Rumors about Kate Middleton’s state of health: the Palace raises its voice


Kate Middleton has not made a public outing since Christmas. Operated last January, the Palace had informed that the princess would be convalescing until Easter. While speculation about his state of health is rife, Kensington tries to calm things down.

The royal family wants to be discreet about the health problems affecting Kate Middleton. On January 17, Kensington Palace announced that the princess had undergone abdominal surgery.

After spending two weeks in the London Clinic, she was discharged on January 29 and is continuing her recovery at her home in Adelaide Cottage.

Rumors about Kate Middleton's state of health: the Palace raises its voice

But since then, no photo has leaked, so some Internet users have developed theories, each more outlandish than the last. The Palace therefore had to raise its voice.

To rule out speculation about her recovery, Kate Middleton’s spokesperson spoke in the columns of Page Six.

“Kensington Palace made clear in January the timetable for the princess’s recovery and we will only provide meaningful updates,” he said. He insisted, reiterating that the Princess of Wales “is doing well”. T

he Palace had already affirmed that the wife of the heir to the throne did not suffer from cancer, but the spokesperson did not give more details on the reasons for Kate Middleton’s operation.

Rumors about Kate Middleton's state of health: the Palace raises its voice

The Windsors are very mysterious at the start of the year. Latest example: the last minute absence of Prince William from the tribute paid to Constantine II in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on February 27.

Godson of the deceased, he was to read a reading during the ceremony, but at the last moment, he left the audience behind. Kensington Palace justified his absence “for personal reasons”. So far, no reason has been given.

Royal biographer Phil Dampier said members of the royal family “have a right to privacy”, but acknowledged this is “not a normal time”, given recent health concerns regarding Charles III and Kate Middleton.

Rumors about Kate Middleton's state of health: the Palace raises its voice

“I fear that if no reason is given to justify Prince William’s withdrawal at the last minute, there will inevitably be speculation, some of which will be violent and unfair,” he adds.

Expert Richard Fitzwilliam, the silence of the royal family and its advisers is “a gift to conspiracy theorists”. Thus, some Internet users joked about the real reason for Kate Middleton’s prolonged absence.

Among the most speculation strange ones circulating on social networks, we find the one according to which Kate Middleton is Banksy, or that she is trapped in Willy Wonka’s infamous experiment in the form of an Oompa Loompa, or even in the middle of depression.

More seriously, some fear the princess may have had a nervous breakdown, while others have even speculated that she and Prince William are divorcing.

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