Lost shelter dog reunites with loved one two years after separation

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A dog named Pakita was taken to Arca Animal Shelter (Argentina) after being discovered by community volunteers.

The poor girl wandered the streets of the city in search of food and shelter. Silvia Ferreira, a volunteer at the shelter, took custody of Pakita.

Lost shelter dog reunites with loved one two years after separation


“I saw that the dog was quite friendly. But despair was read in her sad eyes. If other animals quickly get used to a new place, then Pakita remained closed and did not want to communicate with volunteers,” says Sylvia.

In order for the quiet girl to go through the process of recovery and socialization faster, she was sent for adoption.

However, time passed, and no one wanted to take a beautiful dog with a chocolate coat color. It’s been over two years.

Lost shelter dog reunites with loved one two years after separation

“People prefer to adopt puppies or small dogs. It’s very difficult to get someone like Pakita into good hands,” Silvia says.

However, soon a surprise awaited the employees of the humane community. They did not even know that Pakita had an owner whom she loved very much, so she was constantly in sadness.

When once again the volunteers published a photo of the poor girl on their social media page in the hope of finding potential adoptive parents, they received a call from a woman.

“She was incredibly excited and told us that Pakita is her son’s dog. All this time they were looking for her and were already desperate, but, fortunately, they saw the post and immediately contacted us,” says Sylvia.

Lost shelter dog reunites with loved one two years after separation

As it turned out a little later, the woman’s son, Ariel Naveira, was looking for his four-legged friend from the moment she disappeared. The next day, the young man arrived at the shelter.

It is hard to deny the fact that a lot has changed in two years.

Pakita spent so much time in the center’s aviary that she did not expect the appearance of a loved one at all.

Volunteers took the dog out into the yard so that the long-awaited meeting would finally take place.

At first, she was shy in front of the man and did not look into his eyes. However, as soon as Pakita smelled Ariel’s long-forgotten scent, she immediately rushed to lick his face. The girl’s joy knew no bounds!

“It was wonderful. The reunion turned out to be incredibly touching. If at first we doubted that Ariel was the owner of the dog, then from the moment they met, everything fell into place,” Sylvia smiles.

More than a year has passed since Pakita met her owner.

However, the joy of the dog from returning home did not fade at all.

She is happy and loved, because it is a real miracle that two years later her loved one was found!

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