Nurse goes beyond duty and rescues a hospitalized patient’s dog from the shelter


60-year-old John Burley was hospitalized with pneumonia.

He had a hard time with the disease and missed his best friend, the dog Boomer, very much. The only consolation of the man was the friendship with the nurse Jennifer.

John showed Jennifer pictures of his beloved dog every day, and the woman watched with pleasure.

Nurse goes beyond duty and rescues a hospitalized patient’s dog from the shelter

The future owner found the puppy in Arkansas 12 years ago and took it for himself. Then they moved together to the capital.

The man and the dog were together every day, and the man took the separation very hard.

But the news he received was worse than just separation. Boomer was taken to a dog shelter.

John was desperately worried that something terrible might happen to his pet.

His best friend could be taken to a new home – and the man would never be able to see him again.

But it’s worse if they don’t want to take him away, because sooner or later unnecessary dogs will be euthanized.

Jennifer saw her patient getting worse, and her heart was breaking with sympathy. Although it was not part of her duties, the woman was determined to help.

She had a portrait of Boomer, and with this photo, Jennifer went to a dog shelter.

She did not know exactly which shelter her patient’s friend had been taken to, and she was ready to go around them all.

Nurse goes beyond duty and rescues a hospitalized patient’s dog from the shelter

There was a lot of work to be done, but this did not frighten the nurse. Christmas was approaching, and she wanted to create a small miracle with her own hands.

Finally, not at the first or second shelter – but Jennifer met Boomer.

She completed all the paperwork and took the elderly dog ​​out of the cage, where he was waiting for those who wanted to adopt him.

Boomer came to her house. The woman already had a 13-year-old dog, so the ward had a great company – and these two were to live together until the owner was on the mend.

So that he would not be sad, the girl began to take Boomer with her to work, where they could cuddle with the owner and even play a little.

Not much, because John, although he was on the mend, was still terribly weak.

After pneumonia, he could only move around in a wheelchair, he had problems with coordination and speech.

No one can tell if John will be able to return home and start taking care of himself and Boomer without outside help.

But Jennifer believes: love works wonders.

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