A 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge became an adoptive and caring mom for many orphaned fawns

The object of people’s admiration will always remain the unique ability of dogs being so friendly, caring and faithful.

Their big hearts are open to those who need comfort, care, and defense.

It refers not only to people, but to other living creatures.

A 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge became an adoptive and caring mom for many orphaned fawns

German Shepherd Sarge is a kind dog, who feels compassion for orphaned little fawns.

Her Owner Cheryl Stephan, a big-hearted lady, adopted many orphaned animals during the years, including some little fawns.

Sarge was very friendly and kind with all the adopted animals, but he had a special compassion with Buckheat, who was the first orphaned fawn adopted by Cheryl.

A 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge became an adoptive and caring mom for many orphaned fawns

When Sarge met this little creature the first time, some warm feelings appeared in his heart. He instantly took to this fawn and soon became his guardian.

The kind dog was involved in all the aspects of Buckwheat’s care. He immediately took on the important role of being the fawn’s “mom”.

A 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge became an adoptive and caring mom for many orphaned fawns

Wherever fawn went, the dog followed him, just being sure that everything was ok with Buckheat.

When the fawn grew and became independent, venturing out alone, sarge had to go and find him and bring him again back.

A 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge became an adoptive and caring mom for many orphaned fawns

When Buckheat grew and become strong, Cheryl had to release him in the wild.

That made kind dog very sad. His owner even thought he would never be so friendly with the other animals like he was with this one.

But luckily she was wrong. As soon as Cheryl brought other fawns for rehabilitation, Sarge again showed his compassion.

He quickly became a baby-sit for these wonderful creatures.

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  1. Alice Quinn

    Wonderful dog so kind and caring.

  2. Joyce Deskovich

    Awe so Cute my dog name is sarge too and he’s a shepherd

  3. Patricia Ross

    Sarge is so wonderful! Yet another example of the full range of emotions animals and experience. Sarge shows how animals can care for and feel love ❤️ for at her species- those in need. Sargent has so much to teach us! Thank you for sharing this !!!

  4. Ronnie

    Very nice dogs have a heart and soul they are more compassionate than any other animal on earth I should know because my beloved beautiful black lab Nikki was like that for 14 years before she died of cancer ♋️ in 2019 and I will always miss her very much ❤️🙏

  5. Allyson martin


  6. Judy Bradley

    German Shepard dogs are very caring!

  7. Amy Hayashida

    That is so adorable!! I love Sarge for his compassion & empathy!!

  8. Gail Marvicsin

    Marvelous I love this

  9. Mary Baker

    I think that is so beautiful and so wonderful

  10. Tim Kretzer


  11. John Guptill

    That is truly amazing, the compassion displayed by all of Gods creatures is breathtaking, it warms my heart to see this take place, if only everyone could feel the same compassion about all living things……

  12. Nadine Worrell

    Be still my heart ❤️. So very precious.

  13. Donna Hataway

    Sarge has a good heart to care for deers. So whomever you bring home he will be ready to help.

  14. Janet Rouillard

    That goes to show just what a big HEART they have! So HEARTWARMING!!

  15. Joan Damon

    A heartwarming story of your wonderful dog… Thanks much….

  16. Deborah Einarson

    wow, this is so beautiful! I love German shepherds, very intelligent and protective. This pup is very special and by nurturing these fawns the dog is helpful in preventing the fawns from imprinting on people.

  17. Stephanie Kuchta

    Just beautiful. Just goes to show how kind and loving dogs are.

  18. Sandra Frost

    This is a heart warming story this story made me almost cry when I read it

  19. Jo Benson

    What a beautiful story and I can relate to it because we also had A German Shepherd named Sarge who was with us for 15 years. Now we have a 3 year old that is slowly becoming a great dog. They are so loving as well as protectors and many other great qualities. Give “Sarge” a big hug for me!

  20. ❤❤❤

  21. Bob

    We as humans for the most part don’t deserve dogs they love unconditionally

  22. Donna Vancamp

    Loved this so sweet thank you

  23. Carolyn Henderson

    OMGoodness, this is so precious. German Shepherd’s Rock. I have one that has adopted my mini cow calf.

  24. William Phillips

    God created some amazing creatures!! ✝️❤️

  25. Gail

    This is just fantastic. Shows where are kind animals ad well as kind people.

  26. Christine Allan

    Sarge has so much love
    Inside his heart ,it brought
    Tears to my eyes.
    Maybe some humans
    Could learn from this
    Loving dog.

  27. John Bush

    Atypical of Cheryl and her farm. Bucky is her biggest prize 🐄

  28. Melissa Holmes

    Cool story. I have to wonder if the stories are translated to English from another language, or if the editing is really that bad.

  29. Grace Montanye

    So cute and sweet looking!!

  30. Pam mast

    Beautiful ❤❤❤

  31. Cheryl Marzzacco

    Dogs are truely wonderful and caring.

  32. Arlene Lynn

    Beautiful story

  33. Amber

    So heartwarming. I once had a dog that acted like that. But he passed away and he was a rat terrier Chihuahua. He thought that all kittens were his children. It was adorable. Sarge’s story kinda reminds me of him.

  34. Sharon Krueger

    God gives us grace and dogs.

  35. Samuel Nelms

    This story is very cute.

  36. Debbie Shepherd

    I love German Shepherds, my dad always had Shepherds, he love them also, we can learn a lot from the animal world, most are intelligent and loving creature, that’s why they call dogs MEANS best friend 💕🐕🌹💞

  37. Debbie Shepherd

    I love German Shepherds, so did my dad, he always had his Shepherds around, We could learn a lot from the animal kingdom, most are intelligent and lovable, that’s why the dog is called man’s best friend

  38. Deepak Bhatt

    All animals know about loving nd caring🥰

  39. Jack Miller


  40. Michelle Almond-king

    What a wonderful dog so careing and lovable to all baby animals.

  41. Debbie

    Just reaffirms that especially in today’s world, animals are demonstrating more acts of total acceptance , support and love than many people are….

  42. Peggy Horvath

    Makes me get tears 😭 I’m animal lover my Minnie Lynn died April 9,2019 We love miss you Girl Mommy and Grandma, Forever in are Hearts with Angels above looking out for you, we love miss you, Minnie Lynn (Max).

  43. Marie Harrigan


  44. Catherine

    Such a loving and dog. Very touching story. We all need more of these.😀❤️🤗

  45. Mercia Romeo

    The most wonderful story about compassion for different animal breeds and how they will care fore each other.

  46. carol reish

    Such a good dog and smart too

  47. Helen Andronis

    Good person and a beautiful gorgeous dog 🐕♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  48. Lynda

    Loved this story! Hooray for Sarge

  49. Susan Eames

    Love loving stories

  50. Chris Janulewski

    Very wonderful dog taking care of a baby deer and adopting it♥️♥️♥️

  51. Laufer Mary

    What a wonderful dog to take care orphan animals. You have a very special dog!

  52. Laura Wurzel

    How wonderful – Gd bless you both

  53. Anita Duplessis

    Beautiful, wonderful, gentle and sweet dog who loves all he cares for.

  54. ELAINE Hill

    This is so adorable, such a beautiful story.

  55. John Kaiglo

    Very interesting story .. Animals can show love and compassion too

  56. Tammie Freerksen

    Thats one awesome dog.

  57. Janet Dillon

    I love all the animal kingdom! Especially digs. I miss my Huskywho died 2yrs ago!

  58. Nedra mae

    Just goes to show you animals are soooo much nicer then humans

  59. Laura Lee Zank

    Animals are the best, Iike them lots better than most people

  60. Carol Rooke

    Love German Shepherds.
    Amazing and loyal dogs

  61. Robert Hartford

    I. Love the storyit is so touching it really warms my heart. Dogs and cats have more love and compassion than some people I know.

  62. Catherine Kahl

    ….. I just love 💕 reading stories, like this, about helping out all kinds of animals by other animals – please keep sharing them w/us, OK!!!!!

  63. Beth Rowe

    Love fawns. My family raised one when I was growing up. She was paper trained and slept with the cats on our sofa❤ Her name was Dafadil. She lived in the house for 9 months until we set her free. She readapted to the wild and saw her a few more times and even became pregnant. Beautiful childhood memory. We lived way out in the country.

  64. Steva

    The caring and love that Sarge has shown these fawns is heartwarming. My life would not be complete without animals in my life. Our adopted dog has given our lives such warmth and joy and she and our adopted cat adore each other.

  65. Lillian

    Interesting! If an animal can show compassion, how much more human beings? I think those who mistreat kids (orphans) should watch this. I’m touched.

  66. Joyce Wilkinson

    Sarge melts my heart. ❤

  67. Christine Williams

    Such a SPECIAL STORY!! Blessings to Sarge & Cheryl😊

  68. Helen Davis

    Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  69. Vivian CarpenterSo Sweet

    So very very cool !!!

  70. Denise Johnstone

    What a beautiful story Cheryl 😀
    These GSD are know for looking after other animals and humans.
    Thank you for sharing you have made my day👍

  71. Alfred Vakaras

    We need to see more like that in this world 🌎

  72. Margaret Howard

    We underestimate many animals but they show us how caring they can be to other animals, orphaned, or injured. A lesson human beings could learn from them.

  73. María

    Is 10:12 in the morning🌞 and you just give me such a beautiful story. Thanks❤🌹

  74. Joseph Russell

    you have done a great job of raising your dog!

  75. Bernadette HayesAmazi

    Amazing wonders of nature combination of dogs c seeats wild life of all sorts . There is no end to these wonderful creatures big and small on Earth .

  76. Glenna Harper

    I have also rescued several fawns from our back yard. The mother would jump our fence have her baby but could not get them back out of our yard . We would put the baby on the outside of the gate and the baby usually made a shrieking sound and mama showed up to take the baby away

  77. jeannie Lagger

    That is great. I am closer to animals than I am human beings. I see the kind-heartedness, The compassion in animals and the faithfulness

  78. Mother Narendra takes Care of its own ! If only more people followed their example ! Thank you to this wonderful woman ! 🙏🏽🌸

    Mother Nature takes care of her own, if only more people did. Thank you to this wonderful woman ! ❤️🙏🏽

  79. Marjorie Corley


  80. Charlene Brace

    Awsome story

  81. Lainy Cooke

    What a lovely boy and a lovely story so beautiful 💗💗

  82. Carol Hansen

    Shepherds are very kind and smart! Have had several and due to some pain insurance companies grading them as dangerous we can have them everywhere…..they are not vicious!!!

  83. Carol Blevins

    What a beautiful story just goes to prove that animals are more caring than most people

  84. Marge Zaccaria

    Beautiful story. ❤️

  85. VIVIAN Arbizu

    Very lovely…why can’t humans treat each other like this precious loven 🐕 dog ❤💙💛🎼

  86. Marlene Little

    Isn’t it a shame humans are not as compassionate….. Such a special animal. I mean Cheryl. Buckwheat is pretty special too.. 😃

  87. Stephanie Johnson

    Very cute

  88. Sandie Humphrey

    How adorable!

  89. Jan Pratt

    Why can’t ppl be as good as animals are?

  90. Petra Helene Bonello


  91. Theresa Gussoni

    Thank you so much Sarge for being a wonderful Mom to little Buckshot.

  92. Richard Byrd

    How can people believe that animals don’t have souls. They have more love and compassion than a lot of humans.

  93. Beverly Force

    Most heart ❤️ warming story Thank you for sharing.

  94. Sharon Wymer

    Lovely mother to the fawn. Loved this compassionate story.

  95. Jerrie

    What a blessing for you!! You and Sarge keep up the good work!!!

  96. Carol Webb

    Beautiful wonderful Dog. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  97. Diane Harris

    Hope you get it

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