The Unbreakable Friendship of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks


Thanks for the memories, Tim ❤

A household name, Tim Allen is well-liked and well-known by viewers of all ages. The 69-year-old actor’s accomplishment in Hollywood is evident throughout the course of a long career.

But despite all of the success and acclaim, he has complete faith in Tom Hanks, his co-star on “Toy Story” and close friend.

In a recent discussion on Kelly Clarkson’s show, Tim Allen openly shared that he and Tom Hanks share a genuine friendship. Despite occasional differences of opinion, Allen holds a deep respect for Hanks, acknowledging his intelligence and kind-hearted nature.

The Unbreakable Friendship of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks

The roots of their relationship trace back to the original “Toy Story” film, and over time, it has only strengthened, evident in the enduring bond they share.

“We’ve been going to lunch twice a year since Toy Story 1, and we’re like two older women because we sit almost too close at a booth,” Tim Allen shared affectionately, adding a touch of humor to his description. He went on to tell a humorous anecdote from the “Toy Story 1” days when Tom Hanks casually shared fries from his plate.

This seemingly simple act left a lasting impression on Allen, as it reflected a modest yet meaningful gesture of friendship, something he hadn’t experienced during his childhood.

The Unbreakable Friendship of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks

Reflecting on their friendship, Tim Allen expressed, “I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a human being as much as Tom to even listen to me, let alone listen to me.” Despite their differing opinions on various matters, Hanks has been a steadfast source of support for Allen. Tom Hanks stands out as the person who genuinely listens without passing judgment, making their bond a unique and cherished aspect of their enduring friendship.

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