The man took home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude


One man visited a shelter where he met two pit bulls who were abandoned by their owners. The animals were very sad, so he took them home.

The man took home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude

At that time, the man did not know that this act would help him survive a little later.

Two dogs named Ellabelle and Ladybug faced serious challenges. These adorable animals were abandoned by the owners, but then fate brought them together in one shelter.

They were very scared and did not want to make contact with the volunteers, but one day everything changed.

A man named Robert McGowan came to the orphanage. He was looking for a friend, and heard the story of these dogs.

As soon as he met them, he realized that he would take two pit bulls, and not one as planned.

The man took home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude

They immediately became friends and spent a lot of time together. Of course, it took the dogs some time to get used to their new home, but they soon showed their gratitude in full.

One day, Robert was repairing a car in the garage, when suddenly four people rushed inside.

One of them hit the man in the face and demanded the keys to the car. Robert replied that they are in the house.

Three intruders stayed with him, and one went to the house for the keys.

But inside, loyal pets were already waiting for him.

The man took home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude

They chased away the intruder, and then ran out the open door and pounced on the others.

The assailants were not hurt, but they quickly realized that they could not withstand two angry dogs, so they fled the scene of the сrime.

Robert got off with just a black eye, although it could have ended trаgically.

The man took home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they fully showed their gratitude

The man gave the animals a house, care and affection.

This was enough for them to selflessly pounce on the crowd of aggrеssive people, not thinking about their own lives.

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  1. Rose

    I grew up with a Royal Pitbull who took care of our family and was a thief that came in and tried to steal and the same thing he broke his chain to save our lives not and people who see the pit bulls are horrible the dogs they are not they’re very loyal and loving

    1. Melanie

      he should never have been on a chain

  2. Jeffrey

    Humanity does not deserve dogs and too many times, dogs do not deserve the humanity they become stuck with. Dogs are wonderful, humanity, not so much.

    1. Michael

      Maybe you don’t but you aren’t qualified to speak for all of humanity.

  3. David Blee

    Loyalty to their master is paramount to these 2 dogs who after a very poor beginning have been given the home and life they deserve.

  4. Sandra McMann

    Pitbulls may be loving and loyal to their families, but too many attack people outside of their family and some in their family. They don’t seem worth all the deaths and destruction they cause.

    1. Art woolf

      You don’t deserve to live cunt

    2. Olivia

      You are a stupid fucking idiot Sandra. You aren’t worth the words you say. 👿 👿 . You don’t deserve a family dumb cunt

      1. Jo Anne

        Art and Olivia—
        I suppose because I’m from an older generation, to see such vulgar language used to people you do not know, goes beyond my understanding.

    3. Jack

      It looks like Sandra is getting responses from the Pit Bull Owners’ Public Relations officials!
      Perhaps if she says anything critical about Pit Bulls…then they might sic their “loving” and harmless dogs on her…and teach her something.

      BTW–are Pit Bull owners (male and female) misoogynists??? Check out their language.

    4. Jeffery Ip

      Sandra your head must be up your ass strictly for the warmth. Any dog can kill, even the little ones. I don’t think you have been around any pitbulls. If you show a dog that their loved, cared for and treated well they will treat you well and love you back. You treat a dog like shit their going to turn out to treat you like shit. If you truly believe in what you say, I would hate to see how your children have turned out to be like.

    5. paula

      You obviously have been drinking the koolaid. Any dog that is trained to attack people are the ones that should not have any kind of dog . It’s not just the Pitties it is any breed.

    6. Donna

      Any dog can attack anyone! Stop thinking only one breed bites! Pitbulls are gentle and calm but if mistreated and starved you would act up too! Its not like they can work to buy their own food, us humans are responsible for that and when animals are stuck with people that do not care then damage situations happen! That being said it isnt just one kind of breed that can happen to all breeds! I have 9 pits and never an issue because they are my babies they come first

  5. Rc

    sandra eat a dick you dont know what you are talking about you are not worth it you loser go back to day drinking you lush
    😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  6. Kook dohg

    look tasty

  7. james spiros


  8. American Patriot

    A quick Google search for what dog breed bites the most people in the USA?
    And the answer is: Pit bulls are the top dogs most likely to bite humans, and it is important to make sure that they are taken care of to prevent issues. According to various fatality research statistics, 69 percent of all fatalities are caused by the pit bull. Pit bull attacks can turn deadly almost immediately.

  9. Kelli

    You’re an idiot American Patriot. The temperamental studies show that smaller dogs are the most frequent to bite. I’m on the email list for the studies and pit bulls are not even close to being number one. Quit watching the liberal news and fake news.

  10. Alyssa

    First of all pitbulls are amazing and so are all dogs. I have a pit and he is the sweetest dog. He loves people and always greets them with energy and love. The only reason that “statistics” say that pitbulls are more likely to bite humans is because there are people that adopt them just to breed them as fighting dogs. Like other comments say. Its how you treat and train the dog. You show them love they will love back. You show them hate they will show it right back. So stop thinking its the dogs when its actually the people who trained the dog to be that way! The people who say its the dog and mostly the pitbull can keep your opinions to yourself and just simply dont get a dog because you obviously can’t handle one. Never thought people could be such karens about dog breeds🤣.

  11. Pedro

    When I was 10 I was attacked by a kick Russel that 10 mins before I was playing with, 27 stitches to my face, so you can stick pit bulls are the worst so far up your ass it will teach your la.e brain a lesson, Pitt bulls are loyal to the max unless trained other wise,

  12. Booger

    I see all the pit bull people coming in with the pitch forks. Stabbing at anyone that doesn’t agree with them in their minds.

    Here is what happens when adopt or buy a pit bull, terrier breed. Or whatever mixed up breed they make and then try to sale to people now in 2022.

    The Pit bill breed is the ones that are the most aggressive and attach everyone and everything that moves now. If you don’t understand your breed just watch the news and horror stories of them.

    The law should be changed and everyone that has this type of breed be registered. and checked up on every 6 months to see what is going on with the animal and the owner.

    If you friendly, doesn’t do anything wrong Pit bull attacks, mauls or kills someone. You get the full effect of the crime pinned to you. since it is your animal and they don’t do anything bad.

    So, if your loving, sweet Pit bull kills someone. You get to be placed in Prison for it. And the dogs destroyed on site. The dog does the crime then you do the time. Stand up for your sweet, wonderful dogs that never do anything wrong.

    1. Guddy

      I don’t agree with you and I don’t own a Pit bull
      My neighbor does and she’s a very sweet girl. Y daughter owned a Pitt bull mix and that dog was a 90 lb lap dog.
      Any dog can be aggressive and sometimes you get only one side of the story. We owned a white Shepherd/Golden retriever who was blind in one eye. Very sweet dog. There was this child who kicked her even after it was warned not to kick the dog. The dog got kicked one time to many and nipped the child in the face after that she didn’t like children. I personally have been bit by a Doberman, a dachshund and a mutt. I didn’t do anything to these animals but that doesn’t mean someone else did.
      There’s always two sides of the story.

  13. juan cerda

    Amaiscing bary gratefull

  14. sonya


  15. Janice Perla

    Thank God you took them home. Thank God you took them home. They save your life for sure as you save to thiers