Brad Pitt totally in love: new big step taken with the sublime Ines de Ramon

The American actor is living a very beautiful love story and obviously, he intends to continue on this path. As People magazine reveals, Brad Pitt has just reached an important milestone in his relationship with the pretty brunette.

It’s the great story of the moment in Hollywood. For more than a year now, Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon have been living a beautiful love story and after the first rumors, the accomplice duo was seen at an after party in Los Angeles at the end of 2022.


Since then, everything seems to be going well for the best.

The 60-year-old actor has obviously found love again after long relationships alongside very famous actresses and this time, it is a woman rather unknown to the general public who has capsized the heart of the still sexy sixty-year-old despite the years that pass by.

Brad Pitt totally in love: new big step taken with the sublime Ines de Ramon

The young woman, 29 years his junior, has been director of the jewelry company Anita Ko Jewelry since January 2020. Very much in love, Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon appeared officially together for the first time on November 6 for the Art + film evening.

At the beginning of February, it was at the Santa Barbara Film Festival that the two lovebirds were seen together, hand in hand. These are all signs that the couple is ready to move on to the next stage of their relationship. And according to the American magazine People, this is the case!

Jennifer Aniston’s ex will move in with his new conquest in one of his two Californian homes: “This move is quite recent. Everything is going very well between them, and Ines is happier than ever,” declared a source close to the beautiful brunette in the American media.

Good news for the many fans of Brad Pitt, whose attitude has been singled out in Hollywood in recent weeks. At the same time, it is his former wife Angelina Jolie who has made headlines in recent days. The 48-year-old actress has completely changed her mind and has a big surprise in store for her fans.

Brad Pitt totally in love: new big step taken with the sublime Ines de Ramon

This Wednesday, February 21, she made an appearance on the streets of New York completely blonde. For the moment, it’s difficult to know whether this new style results from the preparation of a film or from a simple desire for change, but in any case, it’s causing a lot of talk. It must be said that the actress will soon make her comeback to the cinema with a highly anticipated biopic on the Greek singer, Maria Callas.

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