Hunter becomes the hunted: the prolific trophy hunter gets eaten by a crocodile while hunting elephants and lions
The costs of the profession are different for everyone. Scott Van Zyl, a professional
Meet the spectacular multi-colored Mandarin Duck, which considered one of the world’s most beautiful birds
Male mandarin ducks are considered one of the most beautiful animals in the world,
A stray dog was hit by a car running at 80 mph on a highway in Italy and, miraculously, survived and only gained minor injury
When everything happened, the car was racing along the Italian highway at a speed
The chain did not allow the dog to get out from under the rubble of the house destroyed by the hurricane, but fortunately she was saved
The dog was trapped. She spent three days without food and water before rescuers
After 10 years in Michigan shelters, a former abused Pit Bull is finally adopted by a loving shelter staff member
In January 2011, a kind man named Ernie Moss found a frozen dog on
An elderly cat for a long time pretended not to love the owners’ daughter but the family accidentally found out the truth
The appearance of a small child in the house changes the life of not
The adorable kitten Sushi never leaves his baby sister and was the first to discover that there was something wrong with the baby
Little kitten named Sushi adores the baby with whom he shares a house. He
This hero Retriever named Beauty is recovering after springing into action and fighting an alligator in order to save her duck friends
A Labrador named Beauty loves ducks. She always runs up to them on a
The German photographer took one in a million photos of a flock of birds forming a shape-shifting cloud that looked like a giant bird
Daniel Bieber, a German photographer based in Hilzingen, followed the movements of starlings for
Service dog got his owner through graduate school, so the university awarded him with his own degree
A university in the United States solemnly presented a diploma to an unusual student