A teenage gorilla baby sitter called Ubukombe is always ready to help so that the young mothers could rest
Gorillas have a very strong nepotism. Childless females often provide babysitting services to mothers
A San Diego detective with a prosthetic leg adopts a rescue dog who lost her back paws and they share the same feelings
San Diego detective Chappy Hunter lost his left leg in a 2013 car accident.
Little boy and his feathered best friend do everything together and the duck becomes the boy’s protector, following him everywhere
This little boy is very lucky, because instead of a rubber duck for a
A pregnant woman saves a stray pregnant cat, they become the cutest pregnancy buddies and give birth on the same day
Lauren Maners has spent her entire life helping stray animals with treatment and finding
While the owners are not at home, their dog steals bread, hides it, but does not even eat a piece
Some puppies make great guard dogs! For example, this six-year-old beauty named Jakey is
The man decided to go for a ride around the world alone, but he found a stray cat and made her his companion
In September 2018, Dean Nicholson, a 31-year-old man from Scotland, got the idea to
The Scottish SPCA rescued the adorable tiny baby badger Lavender, which was lost in the forest
Amazing photos of a tiny badger were shown to the whole world by the
The photographer took a unique picture of how monkey gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to his female friend
The photographer took a unique picture of a monkey doing CPR to a friend.
The adorable raccoon named Little Hands after several years still visits his rescuer to snuggle with her
If you call the US Animal Rescue Service in early June with a message
Cheetahs are incredibly shy animals with serious social problems, so they need cheerful dogs as companions
If you were born the fastest animal in the world, then you already have