She destroys herself to spite her mother: Angelina Jolie’s beautiful daughter became a tomboy

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❗ From DOLL to Boy? 🤔🤔

❗❗How did Shiloh Pitt the worlds most beautiful couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s first born biological daughter turn into a beautiful little girl who looked like a doll to a four year old tom boy that looks like Ellen Degeneres??❗❗


Angelina Jolie brought her daughter Shiloh to Jamaica for the Calabash Literary Festival. The actress flew to the city of St. Elizabeth the day after she turned 48 years old.

She destroys herself to spite her mother: Angelina Jolie's beautiful daughter became a tomboy

If the actress, as always, looked feminine and elegant, then her daughter decided not to bother with the choice of outfit for public appearances.

Shiloh wore a shapeless T-shirt and short denim shorts. In the photo taken by the paparazzi, it can be seen that Jolie’s daughter shaved her head again before the trip.

Rumor has it that Angelina’s daughter got used to the image of a tomboy to spite her mother.

She destroys herself to spite her mother: Angelina Jolie's beautiful daughter became a tomboy

But with her external data, she could easily outshine her. Shilo inherited from her parents an ideal figure and expressive facial features.

By the way, recently, the long-legged star heiress started her first serious romance. She wanted to keep the relationship a secret. But she had to introduce her boyfriend to Angelina, who wouldn’t let her date without her approval.

Surrounded by the family, they say that Jolie’s daughter dreams of independence.

She destroys herself to spite her mother: Angelina Jolie's beautiful daughter became a tomboy

She is going to make a living dancing and live separately from her mother. Shiloh is rumored to be tired of the company of Angelina, who only thinks about how else to annoy her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

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  1. Jodi Sterner

    Let her live her life
    Honey you look fine
    Dont go out of yr way to make people happy. Let um talk you have to be ture to yrself. . I think yr a cute tomboy
    God Bless You sweetie

  2. Anne L. Dankievitch

    Good for her. Her mother is a first grade b___h who enjoys putting Brad through the wringer, even though he was cleared of all charges. She enjoys flaunting their children & is , I’m sure behind some of the other children going against their father. Kudos to Shiloh!!!!

  3. Mini Bones Spelman

    Seriously?? Shiloh is a tomboy.
    Just because she isn’t frilly, doesn’t mean she isn’t 100% girl..
    I, myself, grew up tomboy.
    Granted, I didn’t shave my head, but, hey, there are a lot of beautiful women out there with shaved or extremely short ‘dos.
    Let her be HER, stop comparing her to her mother.

  4. Bettyann Sonn

    She is a beautiful young lady. She is a free spirit and should express herself as she pleases. She does not look like Ellen Degeneras. That comment is ridiculous.