Pamela Anderson gave up Botox four years ago: ‘I feel sexier today’

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At 56, Pamela Anderson seems to have decided to give up artifice. During several events in recent months, the former playmate and star of the series Baywatch has appeared without makeup, to the delight of her fans.

Why Pamela Anderson stopped Botox

Pamela Anderson has never hidden it: she has already had cosmetic surgery as well as aesthetic medicine. But today, there is no longer any question for her of playing pool or undergoing new injections: it has never really worked for her.

“I’ve tried Botox, I’ve tried injections, but I haven’t done anything like that in over three or four years. My skin is very sensitive,” she explains to Allure magazine. “I had tested the Fraxel (a laser which treats skin indications; editor’s note) on my décolleté and it turned black so I was always afraid of this kind of thing. I took Botox which made my eyebrows, and I looked like a different person…”

Pamela Anderson gave up Botox four years ago: 'I feel sexier today'

Disappointments that pushed her to question herself: “I asked myself ‘Why am I doing this shit?’ So I’m free and clear of all that and I look like myself again.”

Pamela Anderson feels sexier today

Pamela Anderson will celebrate her 57th birthday in 2024, but the fact of approaching sixty in no way prevents her from feeling good about herself. Quite the contrary!

Pamela Anderson gave up Botox four years ago: 'I feel sexier today'

The former model does not hesitate to say it: she does not regret the pressure she suffered at the time when she was considered one of the sexiest women on the planet. “Actually, it was quite overwhelming, as a Playboy centerfold or as Bunny, people had expectations…I didn’t want to know [what they were],” she confides, before to clarify: “I feel much more sensual in my skin… it’s much more intimate and vulnerable… it’s a bit how your boyfriend sees you, without makeup. It’s almost sexier, I think. ”

And to conclude: “If you live authentically, you don’t need to explain yourself. That’s the key.”

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