Caring and kind dog become an adoptive mom of two abandoned and confused kittens found in the backyard in New York City
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After his beloved dog passed away man devotes his life to adopting those animals who can’t find forever homes
Kindness makes this planet a better place to live. There is a sad reality,
A stray German Shepherd saved the badly injured woman from a car crash dragging her over 100ft to the road to find help
After a quarrel with her husband, angry Shannon tried to calm down by driving
Rescue dog Lana dragged her favorite blanket outside to share it generously with a freezing homeless dog
Dogs are so gentle and generous creatures, who always are ready to help those
Two senior horses were left to the mercy of fate when a kind woman rescued them giving a second chance to life
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Caring goose remained in front of the hospital’s door waiting for her mate during the surgery procedure
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Charming squirrel rescued from hurricane Isaac is always napping with her beloved tiny cuddly teddy bear
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A baby raccoon Pumpkin rescued by a family lives with two adorable dogs and thinks she is a dog
How wonderful and admiring is the animal world. The amazing ability to care and