Truck driver in Namibia by checking his tires found an orphaned baby aardvark curled around one of the tires
When a truck driver wanted to check his truck’s tires to start his working
Cute kitten born with forever sad and worried-looking eyes will melt and steal your heart
Have you ever encountered with such situation, when you, without knowing about it, wander
Wild fox was rescued by a kind man from a fur farm and they became inseparable friends
Love is an amazing power. You don’t know when it will appear and to
Rescued and released to the wild squirrel returned to her savior’s house and made a nest for her future baby in a drawer
When Simone Serfontein found a newborn squirrel fallen out from a tree, she couldn’t
Woman finding a wild baby boar in a box at her doorstep takes her into her home and adopt her
One day, the woman got surprised opening her front door and finding at her
Heroic dog saved the life of a baby Quaker parrot and they soon became inseparable friends
Dogs are caring and friendly creatures, who considered to be man’s best friends and
Abandoned and endangered fawn stuck in the middle of busy highway was rescued in India 
A 20-day-old abandoned fawn was noticed on the busy road in Mathura, who was
Newborn orphaned puppies form a special bond with gentle giant tortoise grandpa finding love and comfort in him
If you think you have heard enough stories about unusual bonds between two different
3-year-old caring and protective cat’s pure and unconditional love for her little human brother
There isn’t a stronger bond than a magnetic connection between animals and little children.
After roughly six hours the rescuers managed to save little goat’s life fallen in the 250-foot irrigation pipe 
It took two long days and a very complicated operation to rescue the baby