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Emotional moment at the Zoo Halle when elephant mother reunites with her daughter elephant after 12 years apart
A heartwarming scene at the Halle Zoo, when after 12 long years of being apart, three elephant generations
A beautiful unlikely friendship between orphaned kangaroo and wombat helped both to overcome their pain
There isn’t any big pain when a loss of our parents. Both animals and men, have the same sorrow
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Man decided to give up his job and sell everything he ownes just to travel with his lovely cat
Richard East, a young man from Australia, decided to quit his job and travel with his sweet cat.
The loyal male stork has been flying 14000 km each year to see his injured soulmate
How far are you ready to travel to meet your loved one? Well, apparently, many of you would cross more
Two lovely and loyal swans have a heartwarming reunion after a short time of separation
Swans are very gentle and loyal creatures, which  unique and exceptional way of living with partners
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An unlikely special friendship between an abandoned baby fox and two orphaned badgers
Animals always surprise us with their unlikely friendships. It’s so touching to meet such a special
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Two senior horses were left to the mercy of fate when a kind woman rescued them giving a second chance to life
A little act of goodness could mean everything for those in need of support. It’s exactly  Arthur’
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Caring goose remained in front of the hospital’s door waiting for her mate during the surgery procedure
In a touching and emotional scene, a worried goose is waiting outside the clinic while her mate undergoes
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Charming squirrel rescued from hurricane Isaac is always napping with her beloved tiny cuddly teddy bear
None would deny that all the tiny, little creatures from animal planet are more adorable and charming
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The missing cat Boo was found 13 years ago and recognizes her surprised human 
Janet Adamowicz, from Harrogate, lost her lovely cat in 2005. Her heart was broken, as she loved her so much.