A kindhearted disabled man gets of his wheelchair to rescue the life of a drowning kitten stuck in a drain
A heartwarming demonstration of kindness and courage: a disabled young man risking his life
Heroic brave dog Max from South Australia rescues the life of a drowning boy from the fast moving river
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It’s the responsibility of all police officers to serve and protect not only people,
Famous actress and broadcaster Betty White feeds the giant bear marshmallows right from her hand at the Los Angeles Zoo
Famous actress and broadcaster Betty White, who is 99 years old, is still cheerful,
The gigantic Harpy Eagle looks like a man wearing a costume of a bird, precious beauty of the nature
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Police Officer from Florida spends night at the shelter to be next to the stray little puppy he saved
The police officers are true heroes, who risking their lives, save ours. But they
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Missing cat  from Thailand returns home to her owner after three days surprising him with a note around her neck
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