Hardworking 12-year-old boy earns money all summer – his mother steals from him and accuses him of lying

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When the boy’s parents refused to buy the toys he wanted, he made the decision to buy them himself and worked several odd jobs to save $100.

His mother, however, stole his money one day and told him that he just imagined he had money.

Is it permissible for parents to kidnap their children, especially when it involves their hard-earned money?

A mother on Reddit not only had the courage to steal her baby boy, but she also falsified the truth by saying he was lying about the money.

Hardworking 12-year-old boy earns money all summer – his mother steals from him and accuses him of lying
This Redditor grew up having several nightmares involving his parents, but one incident that happened when he was just 12 years old particularly impacted him.

The boy asked his parents to order the toys for him, but they did not agree. However, he was determined to buy them.

He started working hard and worked hard for the next five to six months doing things that made him money.

I worked door to door selling objects that a 12 year old child could have made: drawings, sticks that I transformed into little spears, I mowed many lawns and I walked many dogs.


The OP went door to door selling his drawings and the little spears he had carved from sticks.

When he went to his parents to tell them that he had raised the money to get his toys, it was the happiest day of his life.

He asked them to order them online with their credit card and he would reimburse them in cash.

He was accepted by the boy’s parents and they accompanied him to the computer. He happily gave the $100 to his father and waited impatiently for him to receive the order.

But her parents said they couldn’t complete the order because the computer crashed while OP watched curiously.

Hardworking 12-year-old boy earns money all summer – his mother steals from him and accuses him of lying

OP was more knowledgeable about computers than his parents, so he quickly realized they lied to him.

He followed his instinct and asked for his money to be returned, but after listening to him, his mother took the money and rushed to her room, while OP rushed behind her in disbelief.

Before OP could get in, the mom locked herself in the bathroom, so he kicked and screamed outside, begging her to give him back his $100.

His mother repeated to him that “you don’t need this money” and assured him that she would put it in his bank account for university.

Another person said their mother was going through their bags to get money for gifts and babysitting. ” Oh. I hate parents who try to have financial control. The person said, “This is the worst.”


I still had my money; I just wasn’t allowed to use it, otherwise it took a maximum of 25 dollars.

As for the $100 that OP’s parents took from him, they decided not to give it back to him and trapped him in a web of lies until he gave up asking for it.

I never received that money, but that day I learned not to trust my parents.

After OP’s parents constantly kept him in a web of lies about his money and refused to give it back to him, he gave up and decided not to trust them with money anymore.

What would you do if your parents took your hard-earned money and accused you of lying?

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  1. Harlanboyd

    If you can find any counterfeit money not real money counterfeit money and give it to your parents or put it in your bedroom on top of your dresser and let your mother on your father see that you have money on top of your dresser let them try and spend that don’t go to jail for counterfeit money

  2. Bonnie Allen

    Wouldn’t trust then ever again.

  3. David paton

    This mother and father should be ashamed of them self they are the lowest of the low